Activities Everyone can be artistic. Help your kids explore their creativity!

Beyond The Curriculum

Our Academic, sporting & creative curriculum is enhanced by an extensive co-curriculum programme that offer our children even more ways to extend their knowledge , explore their talents and all above, to enjoy their educational experience.

These Activity expert have design some existing activities in order to emphasize on personality.

Besides 100+ puzzles & Games, we have activities like Puppet Theater for story telling.

There are whole constellations of competitive activities for kids.

All national & religious festival, Teachers Day, Friendship Day, Colors Day.

Our Programmes

About Us

Our Vision

Our Vision Statement condenses our aspirations into a few words. You will see it displayed around the school reflected in the content of this document and put into practice in the school's work.
About Us


Our Children are driven to fulfill their personal potential and have the confidence to achieve their goals.
About Us


We believe in a clear moral framework and conduct ourselves with honesty, politeness and consideration for others.
About Us


We enjoy working together in groups, teams and as a whole school to achieve greater results.
About Us


We like our learning to be fun and value the strong friendships we form at school.
About Us


We encourage independent thinking and problem solving across the whole curriculum.
About Us


Underpinning everything is the value we place on our classmates, teachers and parents, the community, our environment and ourselves.

Key Information

Admission Process

School Timings

Arrival & Collection of Children

Parents Teacher Meeting

“Dear Parents, Greetings and warm welcome to Shiksha Craftz Play School! We are fervent about offering your child an exciting, stimulating, activity focused and rich curriculum, based on real reasons for learning. Every child should have the opportunity to meet their potential and develop the academic, creative, social and spiritual skills that will enable them to lead a joyous and flourishing life. Our school enables pupils to meet the challenges of formal education that will prepare them for life in upcoming years. Please take the time to visit our school to see just how exciting Shiksha Craftz Play School is! Thank you and best wishes!”

Lata Dagar

School Director

Cultivating Curiosity, Empathy, Creativity and Community at the heart of Shiksha Craftz Play School's Philosophy.

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